Attitude Group

Attitude was launched in late 2008 with the creation of Attitude Asesores group. While the purpose and cornerstone of Attitude is asset management (initially developed by Attitude Asesores, and since 2016 by Attitude Gestión S.G.I.I.C.) Attitude was born with the aim of covering other areas of business such as entrepreneurship and social responsive.

Direct Investments

Since its creation, Attitude Asesores SA has analyzed, promoted and coinvested in several companies with a twofold purpose: diversifying investment opportunities and accelerating the entrepreneurial activity of projects and companies that we believe to have growth potential and economic attractiveness. Since 2009 we have co-invested along with many of our clients in projects of all kinds; audiovisual production, industrial recycling, electric vehicles, digital marketing, e-commerce, fashion, wineries, virtual reality, law firms, start-ups...

Corporate Social Responsibility

Attitude has had, since its creation, a social commitment with the most disadvantaged sectors. This is reflected by close collaboration with many NGOs and charitable causes. After supporting projects in Africa aimed at children and education, our efforts are now focused on national causes, with the same drive but without forgetting other vulnerable groups.