Attitude Global FilAttitude Global Fil

Investment purpose

Multi-strategy global fund aiming at preserving capital and yielding absolute mid- and long-term returns with a low correlation to equity and fixed-income markets. To achieve this objective a combination of alternative management strategies will be used.


Management: 1.08% annual

Performance fees: 10% on returns


UBS Europe SE


ISIN: ES0111174001

Bloomberg code: ATTGLBF SM EQUITY

Currency: EUR

Managerial start date: September 16, 2016

Liquidity: Daily

NAV evolution


Month Annual 3 years 5 years From the start
Cost effectiveness 0.10% -5.20% -3.48% 0.00 -2.96%
Media Mensual
VaR 1d 99%
0.2332% Volatilidad Anualizada 3.4595% Sharpe Ratio
(desde inicio)
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