New client

To register as an Attitude Gestión S.G.I.I.C. client and subscribe to any of the funds, please fill in the New Client form indicating:

         - Identification details

         - Know-your-client questionnaire

         - MiFID classification

Additionally, the Participant’s Registration form must be completed. The signature of all the holders (co- holders) as well as that of the agents, proxies and representatives is needed and the copies of the ID or NIF (Tax Identification Number) of each of them must be provided.

Please contact us if should you need additional information.


There are two ways of buying Attitude´s funds:

        - Transfer to the Fund’s bank account

        - Nominative check payable to the Fund

Additionally, the customer must complete and sign a Subscription Form. The order can be sent to Attitude via mail, hand delivered in our offices or sent by email to


To redeem any funds, please complete and sign a redemption form. The order can be sent to Attitude via postal mail, hand delivered to our offices or sent by email to In the latter case, it is essential to confirm the sent operation by telephone.


In order to transfer funds from another entity to the Attitude funds, the Transfer Request form should be completed and signed. It is important to fill in all the identification data of the fund to be transferred correctly and send the form and the statement of the fund’s original position by email to